Greatest Political Deceiver 666 (Part II)


June 13, 2021

Who is going to control the Temple Mound and is there a great Western leader who can come up with the ace that will trump the situation in the Middle East? 

Revelation 12:13-13:10

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    Today we are living out the consequences of the Sixties message of "Free Love" and rejection of biblical morals. Broken families, broken emotions, broken bodies-these are the signs that a spirit of lawlessness has taken over our land. There is hope! The sweet singer of Psalm 23 became an adulterer, liar and murderer but eventually found his way back home. Three Message Series

In a racially charged world, we can be united, reconciled and redeemed...

Courtesy of Stonegate Church  Midlothian, TX

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Bishop Zach from Kakemega, Kenya, says that drought and a locust plague have knocked out much of the maize needed to make ugale, the “bread” of Kenya. The 130 children in Hope Bridge Academy that we drilled a well and built three classrooms for, need food. Zach asked for $2500 to help stop the hunger till the next harvest comes in.  Thank you for your heart and gifts.

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