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Acts: Impacting Our World

It's the most riveting comeback story you could ever hear, and you can drink in every detail in the only first century history we have of the explosion of the Jesus movement.  We want you to discover with us the power that can change the human heart anywhere, anytime.

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The Church the Body of Christ
Could it be that all of our market driven strategies and plans are causing Christians to move about from one hotspot to the next, but not bringing new babies into Christ's family? It's time for us to get back in time to the first century document that actually tells us the truth about Christ and His Body—the Church. Listen to this eight part series and stop church hopping and start church planting and building.

Colossians: Holding It Together

Spiritualism has gained popularity today.  How do we know that Jesus is the Lord over all the angelic and demonic powers?  Why believe in Jesus instead of your basic Avatar? Colossians gives us the answers.

Daniel: Living in the Lion's Den
Is it possible to climb the ladder in business in education or in government and stay close to God? What does personal faith in Jesus look like publicly in Monday morning Main Street life? Daniel is the Old Testament patron saint for those who want the answer to these questions. If you want to get serious about living in "Babylon" but not be destroyed by it, then this Truth Encounter series is a must listen for you.


Ephesians: The Walls Come Down
If we want to know what the Apostle Paul believes is the essence of Jesus' church, If we're concerned about disunity and intense divisions in the church today, Ephesians has the answers. 

Face to Face With the Authentic Christ

Becoming like Him needs to be the goal of your life. Listen and rediscover the biblical Jesus. He is the incomparable, God-man, the Son of God.

Fathers and Sons: Passing the Torch:
Dads—we all want to be good fathers and raise good kids, but was this the goal of the first father?  Think the Bible is a book about idealistic morality and goody- goody religion?  Its time to get serious about the real truth. If God's purpose was to tell a story of good fathers and good kids, then most of the Old Testament has to be thrown out. It's time to read again and discover what real fathers aim at –fathers  like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Judah, and David, and most of all God.

Hebrews: The Supreme Christ

Has God spoken clearly to mankind? Can Jesus be grouped with other great religious teachers?   What does the Bible have to say to  a relativism that claims that all devout followers can relax — whatever “Great Spirit” there might be will gladly reward sincerity?   For a society convulsed by false messiah’s from Waco to San Francisco, the message of this First Century document  could  save your spiritual life!

HisStory: Old and New Testaments

When we open the pages of the best seller of all time, we enter the greatest story ever told. Unlike the Koran, the Scriptures of both Jews and Christians tell a story. Do you know the setting of this story, the main characters, the plot, the climax, and the resolution? Who are the good characters and the bad? Is it a comedy or a tragedy? This series will help you feel comfortable and confident that you know the story that God is telling in His Word, why He is telling it, and how you fit into His Story.