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The Whole Bible in a Less Than an Hour

Can you begin in Genesis and end in Revelation and help someone to understand the plot? This is exactly what you will be able to do if you listen to The Whole Bible In Less Than An Hour. I promise you, you will never open your Bible again without knowing where you are in the story and where it's going.


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Love Without Shame
by Dave Wyrtzen

Pastor - teacher David Wyrtzen stops preaching when he picks up his pen to discuss the explosive subject of human sexuality. His goal in this book is to bring the light of biblical truth to bear on a subject that has been horribly distorted through sexual sin and to establish a healthy foundation for a new generation.  His thoroughly biblical perspective brings beauty and sacredness to sexuality as he reaffirms God's gift of love within marriage.

A book from Dave Wyrtzen
Love Without Shame
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